Utilities & Infrastructure

The City of Portsmouth offers robust infrastructure options along with regionally driven utilities to provide first-class services to your business.

The Infrastructure for Your Business

Portsmouth is home to a crossroads of infrastructure important to your business. The Port of Virginia has two facilities within the city providing expedited ability to import and export materials. The City's natural waterfront sites and deep water offer numerous options for maritime and logistics businesses. Multiple rail access points on two major rail lines allow for access to over half of the country in under a day's time. Portsmouth is at a literal crossroads of highways, freeways, and major connection points.

The City of Portsmouth has also invested in the digital infrastructure offered to both corporate and private citizens. The fiber ring project offers direct access to top-of-line speeds that are pivotal for many of the technical organizations in our business community.

Electricity (cents per kWh) $.062
Natural Gas (per 1,000 cubic feet) $5.08
Water Charge: $3.557 / 100 cubic feet
Sewage Charge: $2.78 / 100 cubic feet
(Minimum $3.21 per month)
HRSD Sewage
Treatment Charge:
(Effective 7/1/11)
$4.13/100 Cu. Ft.
Minimum charge of $0.25 per day
Flat rate accounts
(single family residential only) $24.40 per 30 day Period
Utility Tax: 20% of water charges
(ready to serve and water charge)
$400.00 per month, maximum
Refuse Collection Fee: $33.36 per month per dwelling unit
Returned Check Fee: $50.00 (as of March 2010)